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Rocky Mountain Labradors

of Northern California

March 2011 Litter

Tess gave birth to 11 beautiful puppies during the early morning hours on Saturday, March 5, 2011. 

There are 2 females (1 yellow, 1 black) and 9 males (3 yellow, 6 black).  The pups varied in size from 10 ounces to 14 ounces.  They are all very active and noisy and are eating well.

Tess and her 11 pups, just a few hours old.


Our puppies at one day old

Tess is always snuggling her babies

At two days old, all of the pups had their first vet check and their dew claws removed. 


One Week Old

Tess is such a good mama.  All of the pups are gaining 2-4 oz. every day!

The puppies enjoy sleeping in the living room, soaking in the afternoon sun.

In the sunlight, you can see the chocolate tinted coat on some of the black pups.


Two Weeks Old

Mama Tess taking a break, watching over her litter.

All of the pups have their eyes and ears open now and they're starting to explore a bit.  They have more than doubled their birth weight.  At two weeks they weighed between 2 lb. 1 oz. and 2 lb. 8 oz. 


Three Weeks Old

The puppies are growing so fast!

To help Tess keep up with the growing appetite of her large litter, we gave the pups their first puppy formula.  Deeee-licious!

Hey, that was pretty good stuff!

So sleepy...time for another nap in the dogpile.


3-1/2 Weeks Old

These pups really need to learn to relax!

First puppy chow

Cleaning each other's faces after bathing in....errr, I mean eating their puppy chow.


Four Weeks Old

The pups were pretty sticky after enjoying puppy formula for a few days, so they got their first bath in the kitchen sink.

Matthew chillin' with the pups after their bath.

Amazing Tess is still letting the pups nurse about twice a day.  Such a devoted mama!

Everybody gets weighed on a regular basis.  In the past week the pups have each gained about 2 lbs.  This sweet boy weighed in at exactly 5 lbs.


Five Weeks Old

Tess has weaned the pups now and they are enjoying dry puppy chow.


Six Weeks Old

Time for the first swim lesson in the blue tub.

"Hey guys, this water's kinda fun!"

Matthew and puppy, sacked out after watching the Rockies game.


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