of  Northern California

Rocky Mountain Labradors

of Northern California

March 2012 Litter

All 13 pups from this litter were reserved before they were 3 weeks old.  
Our new litter of pups out of Duke's Rainy Mountain Tess and Tabeguache River Mountain arrived during the evening of March 30, 2012.  We have 13 pups!  There are 3 yellow females, 5 yellow males, 3 black females and 2 black males.  All of the pups weigh between 11-12 oz. except for one little male who weighs only 8 oz., but he's a hearty eater and will catch up soon.

Our beautiful, healthy pups...just a few hours old.

Two Days Old

Our 5 yellow male pups

Hardworking mama Tess, tired but happy

Mom's leg makes such a great pillow

Our firstborn is quite a fearless leader. She climbed up over Tess' head to find the perfect place to nap.

Time for another weigh-in

One Week Old

Tess is doing a great job of feeding her litter.  Each pup has gained between 8-13 oz. over their birth weight.

Tess' sister, 9-month-old Meg, has been very excited to have the pups around and gets in the whelping box whenever she can to clean the puppies.

Two Weeks Old

The pups have each passed the 2 lb. mark!

Our 3 yellow females.

Fun family time with Matt and 3 generations of Rocky Mountain Labradors.

Three Weeks Old

The puppies were all dewormed last week and now onto their next milestone: drinking formula from a pan.

Drinking formula is messy work...time to help get each other clean.

Tess is still feeding the pups a few times a day.  Can you find the 13 tails?

Triple-layer Dogpile

Lots of wrestling, chewing and biting...even though they don't have any teeth yet!

Four Weeks Old

First bath for the entire litter

Please check back soon for more puppy photos.  Also check out our "Puppy Videos" page for new videos.